Analysis Of Manual Seeder Fuel-saving Techniques


  We often pay attention to some small life skills in o […]

  We often pay attention to some small life skills in our daily life, such as putting a plastic bag on the broom to make it easier to clean the hair, using toothpaste to quickly remove stains from the plastic basin, etc., in fact, every product is used when using There are some tips, and the same is true in the machinery industry. For example, how to save fuel when using manual seeder, let's analyze it for everyone:

  1. According to the load theory of agricultural machinery experts, the most fuel-efficient and economical load is about 85%. Avoid the phenomenon of "big horse-drawn carts" or "small horse-drawn carts" to avoid wasting oil. It should be controlled flexibly in farming. If the driving speed is medium and light to load, use the "high-end small throttle", do not hit the throttle, nor speed.

  2. Prevent running and leaking, because in the long-term use of the manual seeder, the machine will vibrate for a long time, and the connecting parts will show poor contact, improper assembly, damage to the cushion, loose screws, deformation or unity of the catheter, and aging of the seal Such phenomena will cause oil leakage, so corresponding countermeasures must be taken to stop the leakage and save oil in time.

  3. There is another situation that needs attention. If the purified oil is not filtered by precipitation before use, the impurities in the manual seeder oil will cause harm to the plunger and needle valve assembly, which will reduce the power of the locomotive and increase the fuel consumption. The oil should be deposited for more than 48 hours before use.

  4. Choosing the cleaning agent skillfully. Use a metal cleaning agent to wash machine parts, saving oil, strong detergency, and convenient application.

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