Benefits Of Growing Soybeans With A Corn Planting Machine


  The importance of your choice of planting equipment i […]

  The importance of your choice of planting equipment is especially important given the precision with which you can place soybean seeds into the soil and maintain firm contact with the soil with the seed planter from Taizhou Hongxiang Agricultural Machinery Co. Farmers still have the option of using traditional no-till seeders to grow soybeans, but there is a more effective way: using a corn planting machine. With a corn planter, farmers can place seeds precisely, provide an accurate number of seeds, individualize them, and have monitoring options of each row to double or triple the seed.

  Planting soybeans with a corn planter allows the operator to make instant row adjustments. Hydraulic/pneumatic downforce settings allow farmers to vary their downforce and seed depth of changing field conditions. Corn seeders can be equipped with separate row closure and segment control to reduce plant overlap. Sowing soybeans with a corn planter can reduce waste, lower seed costs, and increase efficiency.

  A row cleaner on the corn planter eliminates surface residue that interferes with the opener and seed placement. Still considering a no-till planter, which can't remove residue, the corn planter takes away the debris in front of the opener. Putting seeds into the soil correctly gives farmers peace of mind knowing that each seed is in good contact with the soil and not just lying on the ground.

  From an operational and cost point of view, there are benefits to be gained from seeding with a corn planter. If you would like to learn more about the benefits of using a corn planter to grow soybeans, please contact your equipment consultant or Hongxiang consultant for more details.

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