Characteristics Of Seed Planter


  The performance characteristics of the seed planter l […]

  The performance characteristics of the seed planter let's look at the detailed introduction to ours together, which will be helpful for you.

  1. The overall design process is reasonable, with complete functions, strong variable adjustability, and easy to meet various processing needs;

  2. Compact structure, safety and reliability, convenient operation, simplicity and beauty, low construction cost and a high degree of automation;

  3. The overall design of the material conveying system is closed-circuit, flexible, smooth, non-interfering and low in seed injury rate.

  4.15m long self-balancing horizontal vibration feeder with small vibration and smooth and stable material transportation;

  5. The surface of the air pipe and the material pipes is treated by spraying. The inside of the material pipe is provided with a 3mm thick lining pipes of high-density engineering plastic. The pipeline has good sealing performance and strong durability.

  6. The dust removal system has a three-dimensional configuration, small occupied space, short pipelines, small pipeline losses, energy conservation, simplicity, and beauty;

  7. The control system adopts centralized control, with manual and automatic modes to choose from. It can automatically identify different processing process flows and fault alarms. It is in the same kind of processing complete equipment in China in terms of the automatic control of equipment opening and closing and material supply.

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