Cleaning Work Of Vegetable Planters After Use


  With the development of modern agriculture, there are […]

  With the development of modern agriculture, there are many machineries and equipment that can effectively help us to improve the planting and production efficiency, of which vegetable planting machine is one of the most important. For the vast number of farmers and friends, doing a good job of cleaning vegetable planters in daily use can effectively prolong the service life. Next, follow us and learn about the cleaning work that vegetable planters need to do after use.

  1. After the use is completed, the sediment such as water and mechanical impurities in the diesel tank and diesel filter shall be released.

  2. Sort out the mud and straw on the transmission belts and chains.

  3. Clean up the dirt such as grass dust and straw on the radiator of engine cool water tank, hydraulic oil radiator, and air filter.

  4. Clean the diesel filter, oil filter element or oil filter regularly according to rules, and clean or clean the air filter regularly.

  5. Clean the dust, glume shells, stems and other attachments adhered to the inside and outside. Pay special attention to the attachments to the reel, header auger, grain lifter, cutter, drum, concave screen, vibrating plate, cleaning screen, several engines, crawler traveling equipment, etc.

  The above-mentioned brief introduction to the maintenance and cleaning work after the use of the vegetable planters are expected to be helpful for you!

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