Conditions For Large-scale Application Of Rice Planting Machine


  Planting rice requires cultivating seedlings. This is […]

  Planting rice requires cultivating seedlings. This is the most common tradition and technique in Chinese farming culture since ancient times. Even in ancient farming pictures, the scene of planting rice seedlings is often seen, but the rice planting machine has never been seen. Ask Old farmers that are proficient in rice can understand that the direct sowing of rice seeds into the field will have a great impact on rice yield.

  Are there conditions for direct rice seeding?

  On the one hand, the long-term working habits and agricultural production experience of agricultural production, the familiarity, and experience in these steps of raising seedlings and transplanting seedlings, all tell agricultural producers: if rice seeds are sown directly in the field, rice seedlings will germinate and grow, It will be affected by many random factors, and these factors directly affect the large-scale application of rice planting machine.

  There is a big difference between the direct seeding of rice and direct seeding of wheat

  The direct seeding of rice is completely different from the direct seeding of wheat. When wheat seeds are sowed, there is no influence of the water layer, and the growth environment is easier to control. However, rice is not the same and is easily affected by the water layer. The level of the soil layer will affect it, and the water temperature, fertilizer nutrients, and even the pecking of birds will affect the emergence of rice.

  Core technical indicators of the rice planting machine

  For rice planting machines, one of the most important work indicators is the control of seeding density and uniformity. As well as whether the depth of the seeds is moderate, these all determine whether the machine can obtain the same initial effect as the artificial seedling growth under the condition of machine sowing. Only this operation can maximize the direct seeding machine to achieve the same effect as a manual seedling.

  The planting effect of the rice planting machine, the most affected surface, is the flatness of the paddy field. If the rice planting machine is fully prepared before the rice planting machine goes to the field, the water surface is level and there are no planting surfaces such as mud pits and mud mounds. The level of the entire plane is the same. At this time, the levelness of the rack of the rice planting machine is very easy to grasp.

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