Corn Sheller Has Ways To Save Oil


  The use of machinery should pay attention to the main […]

  The use of machinery should pay attention to the maintenance of machinery. In order to reduce the production cost of agricultural machinery and save oil in terms of oil use, the corn sheller manufacturer introduces some oil-saving tips to the farmer:

  1. Regularly remove the scale of the cooling system and the grease and sediment of the pipeline and muffler.

  2. Carry out technical maintenance in a timely and reasonable manner to keep all parts and institutions in a good technical state and work without diseases.

  3. Correctly adjust the brakes. Always check the front and rear wheels of the tractor to keep the tire pressure normal.

  4. Keep the electrical system and the starting mechanism in good condition. Do not run the engine at idle for a long time and stop the engine immediately.

  5. Reasonably select agricultural machinery and implement contiguous operations. Properly plan fields and driving routes to minimize idling, idling, roundabouts, and stopovers to shorten the total distance of work and reduce ineffective energy consumption.

  Sixth, choose the appropriate driving speed. Use "small throttle" for medium and light loads. Don't hit the throttle, don't speed.

  7. After the machine is used for a long time, poor contact will occur in the connecting parts of the machine. Improper assembly, damage to the cushion, loose screws, deformation or rupture of the pipe, and aging of the sealing ring will cause oil leakage. Therefore, corresponding countermeasures must be taken to stop leakage and save fuel in time.

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