Corn Sheller Realizes Mechanical Automation


  In this era of advanced technology, corn threshing ha […]

  In this era of advanced technology, corn threshing has also entered full automation. But now it only needs the harvester to put the corn from the field back to dry and then thresh it. Using a corn sheller to start threshing is extremely efficient. The corn sheller work used to take one month to complete, but now it can be done in one or two hours. It can be said to be very convenient, now corn harvesting is also very convenient, there are special corn harvesters, the harvesting speed is much faster than humans, and the efficiency is increased by dozens of times.

  As the quality of corn seeds is getting higher and higher, the annual output of corn is getting higher and higher, so corn threshing is a big problem. If it is manual threshing, the time will be longer, so we should use machines to improve efficiency.

  Why so many customers choose us

  First of all, we have specialization. We are a professional manufacturer of agricultural machinery. The agricultural machinery sold covers all aspects of agricultural development, from sowing, seedling raising, transplanting, management, watering, harvesting, threshing, shelling, rice milling, etc., our goal is to devote ourselves to the development of global agriculture.

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