Correct Use Of Manual Corn Seeder


  The following points should be grasped when using the […]

  The following points should be grasped when using the manual corn seeder correctly: (1) After the manual corn seeder is attached to the tractor, it should not tilt, and the frame should be horizontal before and after working. (2) Before formal sowing, try sowing 10-20m in the field, observe the working condition of the manual corn seeder, and formally sow after reaching the agronomic requirements. (3) First, sow the fields horizontally to prevent the fields from being hard and causing the sowing depth to be too shallow. (4) During sowing, the working conditions of the seed metering device, ditching device, covering device and transmission mechanism are often observed, such as blockage, clay, grass wrapping and loose covering with seeds, which shall be eliminated in time. (5) When the manual corn seeder works, it is forbidden to reverse or make sharp turns. The lifting or lowering of the manual corn seeder should be carried out slowly to avoid damaging the parts. (6) During operation, the seeds in the seedbox shall not be less than 1/5 of the volume of the seedbox; When transporting or transferring plots, seeds shall not be loaded with the seedbox, and no other heavy objects shall be loaded onto pressure. (7) Adjustment, repair, lubrication or cleaning of grass must be carried out after parking.

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