Correct Use Of Manual Fertilizer Seeder Improves Labor Results


  Nowadays, many growers do not use manual labor as bef […]

  Nowadays, many growers do not use manual labor as before. Most of them use machines instead of laborers. Therefore, since the introduction of manual fertilizer seeder, the labor results of migrant workers have been greatly improved. So, how to use a manual fertilizer seeder correctly?

  1. After the planter is connected to the tractor, it should not be tilted, and the front and back of the frame should be at a certain angle when working.

  2. Before formal planting, test planting on the ground first, observe the working conditions of the planter and formally plant after meeting the agronomic requirements.

  3. Horizontal sowing to prevent the ground from hardening and causing too shallow seeding depth.

  4. During the sowing process, always observe the working conditions of the seed meter, opener, cover, and transmission mechanism, such as blockage, slime, grass, pine seeds, etc., and remove them in time.

  5. When the planter is working, it is strictly prohibited to reverse or turn sharply. The raising and lowering of the planter should be carried out slowly to avoid damage to the parts.

  6. During the operation, the seeds in the seedbox shall not be less than 1/5 of the volume of the seedbox; during the transportation or transfer of the plot, the seed box shall not be loaded with seeds or other heavy objects.

  7. If you want to adjust, repair, lubricate, or clear the tangled grass, etc., you must do it after the machine stops.

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