Examples Of Failures Of Seed Planter Opportunities


  Troubles in the seed planter shall be promptly elimin […]

  Troubles in the seed planter shall be promptly eliminated. (1) The seed metering device does not meter seeds. The main reason are that the transmission gear is not engaged, or the square hole of the metering gear of the metering spindle head are worn, adjusted, repaired or replaced. (2) Individual seed metering devices does not work. The reason is that the seed trellis or the seed metering device opening in individual seed metering boxes is blocked by sundries, so cleaning and seeds should be used instead. If the connecting pin between the seeding shaft and the individual seeding sheave is broken, the pin should be replaced. Individual seedbox boards are not pulled open, but the boards should be pulled open. (3) The seed metering device is used for metering seeds, but there are no seeds in individual seed ditches. The reason is that the furrow opener or seed delivery pipe is blocked (mostly on the furrow opener near the ground wheel). The blockage should be cleared and corresponding measures should be taken to prevent sundries from falling into the furrow opener. (4) Seeding is not stopped and out of control. The reason is that the separation pin of the clutch strut falls off or the separation gap is too small. The pin should be reinstalled and locked, or the separation gap should be adjusted. (5) The sowing is intermittent and uneven. The reason is that the meshing clearance of the transmission gear is too large and the gear slips, which should be adjusted. The elastic force of the clutch spring are too weak, and the gear must slide. The spring should be adjusted or replaced.

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