Experts Teach You How To Better Maintain The Seed Planter


  The seed planter is powered by a small diesel engine […]

  The seed planter is powered by a small diesel engine or gasoline engine and has the characteristics of lightweight, small size, and simple structure. The seed planter is widely used in dry land, paddy fields, orchards, etc. in plains, mountains, and hills. With the corresponding equipment, it can be used for pumping, power generation, spraying, spraying, etc., and can also be used for short-distance transportation by towing trailers. The seed planter can be used freely in the field, which is convenient for users to use and store, eliminating the need for large agricultural machinery to enter the mountains. The troubles of fields are the best choice for farmers and consumers to replace cattle farming.

  In addition to the routine maintenance required by the instruction manual, the maintenance of the seed planter should also pay attention to the following three parts:

  First, the oil used for the seed planter is also very demanding. It is necessary to use qualified canned diesel oil, CC30 diesel oil in autumn and winter, CC40 diesel oil in spring and summer, and replace it in strict accordance with the working hours. The running-in is the seed planter. Change the oil after 15-20 hours of work, 50 hours for the second time, and 100-150 hours for the third time. The gearbox also needs diesel oil, not gear oil. Because the seed planter is a light-duty machine, it needs to use low-concentration light-load oil, and the clutch of the seed planter is the clutch of a 125-type motorcycle, and the lubricant of the motorcycle is known to be gasoline, and the concentration is very low. . If a high concentration of gear oil is used, the clutch friction plates may stick and the clutch cannot be disengaged. In addition, the steering of the chain drive gearbox uses the spring to return the steering dial. If the oil is too thick, after the separation, the steering dial cannot be returned, which will cause the steering side to lose power. In addition, the fuel oil of the seed planter is also very important. The fuel oil needs to use Sinopec qualified No. 0 and -10 diesel. Because the oil circuit components of this kind of engine are very expensive, they can be used for several years if they are used well, but if they are not used well, they may be used for half a day.

  The second is to carry out the necessary tightening and adjustment in time. After using the seed planter for some time in many places, some strokes and gaps will increase, and users need to make necessary adjustments. Therefore, users should master the following adjustments. The clutch, reverse gear, accelerator, steering, etc. of the seed planter are all operated by the cable, and the cable is easily deformed and elongated, so it must be adjusted in time by adjusting the screw. There is also a certain gap between the first shaft, the second shaft, and the two pairs of bevel gears of the gear transmission box after being used for some time. The first shaft and the second shaft are adjusted by tightening the rear end screws. spacer to adjust. During use, the necessary tightening should be carried out every day. But it should be paid special attention that the screws of the engine should not be easily tightened, mainly those directly on the aluminum alloy casing.

  The third is the maintenance of agricultural machinery. The main thing is to clean and fasten the screws every day after use, correct the deformation in time, and carry out the anti-rust treatment in winter.

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