Explain The Use Of Seed Planters


  The development of seed planters in China was relativ […]

  The development of seed planters in China was relatively late. Since the 1970s, single machines have been imported from abroad and studied and imitated. In the 1980s, complete sets of seed processing equipment were imported from abroad for research and imitation. In the late 1980s, the scientific research and production of seed planters in China entered a period of rapid development from introduction, imitation, digestion, and absorption to self-development and product promotion. The experimental research and self-development of seed planter equipment developed from a single machine to unit and then developed into complete sets of seed processing equipment.

  The following matters should be paid attention to during the process of using the seed planter:

  (1) Because the working environment of the seed planter is very harsh, safety operation education should be carried out in advance for the personnel participating in the operation to make them understand the operation procedures and safety common sense, such as fastening sleeves, wearing masks and protective glasses, etc.

  (2) Before to use, carefully check whether the rotating parts are flexible and collision-free, whether the adjusting mechanism is normal, and whether the safety facilities are complete and effective; To ensure that there are no sundries in the machine, all lubricating parts should be filled with lubricating oil.

  (3) Before starting the machine, the operation site shall be cleaned up and no sundries irrelevant to threshing shall be put. Children should be forbidden to play on the edge of the field to avoid accidents.

  (4) When working, the corn cob shall be fed evenly, strictly prevents stones, wooden sticks and other hard objects of being fed into the machine.

  (5) The joint of the transmission belt should be firm. It is forbidden to pick up the belt or contact any object of the transmission part when the machine is running.

  (6) The transmission ratio of the matching power and the seed planter shall meet the requirements, to avoid personal injury accidents caused by excessive rotation speed and severe vibration of the seed planter, damage to parts or loosening of fasteners.

  (7) It is not allowed to work continuously for too long. Generally, it is necessary to stop the machine for inspection, adjustment, and lubrication after working for about 8 hours to prevent serious friction from causing wear, fever or deformation.

  (8) Seed planters generally use diesel engines as power and should wear fire shields on the exhaust pipes to prevent fires.

  (9) If the seed planter fails in the operation process, it shall stop the machine for maintenance and adjustment.

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