Features Of Fertilizer Machine


  (1) Precise fertilization, the organic powder fertili […]

  (1) Precise fertilization, the organic powder fertilizer can be adjusted to half a catty per meter

  (2) The drainage speed can be adjusted, and the walking speed during work can be controlled at 350 high speeds to 3000 meters per hour, and the power is strong.

  (4) Electric start 28 32 35 horsepower single-cylinder water-cooled engine, reliable quality, strong power, and convenient maintenance.

  (5) The unique dual-track fuel tank design, coupled with the high-power engine, make the product have a super strong off-road climbing ability and adapt to various terrains.

  (6) Small shape, low center of gravity, strong transferability, various tools with five functions are lifted by hydraulic pressure, simple operation and easy to use

  (7) Technical after-sales service to avoid customers' worry. To protect your purchased products, the warranty period is one year "except for human factors and vulnerable parts". After the warranty period, accessories are provided at cost prices for a long time.

  The fertilizer machine is a multi-functional orchard management machine; its feature is that it can complete trenching and fertilization/backfilling automation at one time! Solid chemical fertilizer (granule/powder); organic fertilizer/fertilizer can be done automatically. It can also dig trenches for secondary backfill, and can also be equipped with a rotary plow or a weeder! Since the fertilizer properties of farm fertilizers are very different from chemical fertilizers, you can choose this ditch fertilizer! The working principle of this ditch fertilizer is that the two-blade propeller discharges the fertilizer laterally into the ditch. Apply fertilizer evenly across the width of the trench of the machine.

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