Five Tips For Repairing A Seeding Machine Yourself


  The seeding machine has the characteristics of lightw […]

  The seeding machine has the characteristics of lightweight, small size, and simple structure. The seeding machine is widely used in dry land, paddy fields, orchards, etc. in plains, mountains, and hills. Equipped with corresponding equipment, it can be used for pumping, power generation, spraying, spraying, etc., and can also be used for short-distance transportation by towing trailers. The seeding machine can be used freely in the field, which is convenient for users to use and store, saving large agricultural machinery. The trouble of the field is the choice of the majority of farmers and consumers to replace cattle farming.

  1. Cleaning of the site and machines. The working environment of the seeding machine is a lot of soil, so when the seeding machine is faulty, you should choose a clean site, clean the machine and then repair it, otherwise, if a small component is dropped, it may miss work and time.

  2. Preparation and selection of tools for disassembling and assembling the seeding machine. There are many places in this machine that need to be disassembled with special tools, otherwise, it will be easily damaged and cannot be disassembled by force. So pick the right tool and get ready.

  3. The principle of seeding machine disassembly: Assemble first and then parts, and place the pieces in order. At the same time, pay attention to the mark, clearance, direction, and the return of the screw. When necessary, you can use a pen to make a mark or record it.

  4. Analyze the reasons for the failure of the seeding machine. All failures must have a cause, and we must find out the cause, cure the root cause, and treat both the root cause and the root cause. Otherwise, it may cause greater losses.

  5. Assembly. Wash all accessories and assemble in reverse order of disassembly, one more and one less. The seeding machine looks very complicated, and most people dare not repair it. It is also a paper tiger. How to do a good job in the repair of this seeding machine, we only need to pay attention to the above principles, and we can repair it by ourselves.

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