High-yield Corn Still Needs A Seeding Machine


  As the saying goes, the biggest difference between hu […]

  As the saying goes, the biggest difference between humans and animals is that people can use tools and people have smart minds. Therefore, even farmers nowadays have got rid of their original farming habits and switched to our seeding machine, seeding machine. It not only saves time and effort but also has a good harvest. Today, we will introduce you to the seeding machine for a high yield of corn, and then introduce the advantages of the seeding machine to some friends who have not yet used the seeding machine.

  The mechanized technology of the corn seeding machine requires that all the seeding operations and technical links be completed at one time. At the same time, it must have the functions of breaking soil and ditches, dividing grass and preventing blockage, deep application of chemical fertilizers, and soil covering suppression. It also requires that the seeding rate is appropriate, the depth is consistent, and the soil is covered. Strict and moderately suppressed quality requirements for mechanical sowing have created a good seedbed environment for seed germination. The seeding depth is a key quality factor of the seeding machine technology. The appropriate depth and uniform soil cover are beneficial to the whole seedling, the seedlings, and the strong seedlings. The seeding depth of corn is mainly determined by the soil moisture and soil texture. The seeding depth is consistent, which can increase the population. Uniformity is conducive to giving full play to the advantages of group fertility in a balanced manner.

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