Hongxiang Machinery Corn Seeding Machine Is Suitable For Hilly Areas


  1. The corn seeding machine shell of Hongxiang Machin […]

  1. The corn seeding machine shell of Hongxiang Machinery is made of pure transparent plexiglass, the working conditions are clear at a glance, and it is sturdy and durable. The internal seeding spoon is made of aluminum alloy and is made with precision. Greatly extend the service life.

  2. Our equipment adopts stainless steel fertilizer tank, which will never rust for life and is safe and reliable to use. The transmission system is equipped with a differential and a universal joint so that the arbitrary wheel rolling will not affect the fertilizer and seeding, and the phenomenon of lack of seedlings and ridges will not occur. The gearbox never goes out of gear, six gears, and twelve speeds.

  3. The front axle of the anti-wrapping entanglement opener is thickened to reduce wear. The height of the whole machine is 10cm, and the anti-entanglement effect is more obvious.

  4. The streamlined flat shovel ditching angle to the soil reduces power consumption. The movable alloy steelhead is convenient for adjustment and at the same time durable.

  5. The row spacing and plant spacing are adjustable, which can achieve the ideal effect of not thinning and shaving seedlings.

  6. ​​The seedlings are evenly distributed, the competition is small, the seedlings are uniform, the seedlings are strong, and the yield can be increased by 10-20%.

  7. The high-performance no-tillage planting function saves labor, water, and fertilizer, and greatly reduces planting costs.

  8. The fair double shock absorption design is not only beautiful and firm but also effectively avoids the leakage phenomenon caused by the slipping of the ground wheel.

  9. The extremely precise single seed seeding not only saves seeds but also truly realizes innovation in the seeding industry.

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