How Does A Vegetable Planter Grow Seedlings Before Transplanting Vegetables?


  Vegetable planter releases vegetable seedlings in tim […]

  Vegetable planter releases vegetable seedlings in time: Timely release of vegetable seedlings after emergence is the key to ensuring that all seedlings are strong. The principle of planting seedlings is to release green but not yellow. When vegetable cotyledons change from yellow to green, the seedlings should be punched in time and should not be released. The opening of the Miaokou is too large, which affects the heat preservation and moisture retention of the vegetable field.

  Check seedlings to make up for deficiencies: Check the emergence of seedlings in time after the vegetable emergence, and find that the lack of seedlings is broken and the ridges are found to be replanted or transplanted to replenish the seedlings. Seedling stage. Seed soaking should be carried out when reseeding to accelerate the emergence of seedlings and improve the regularity of the seedlings.

  Fix seedlings at the right time: When planting vegetable seedlings, the principle of "removing large, small and leaving middle seedlings" should be mastered. After seedlings are fixed, spray Zhuangqianling solution to promote the growth of seedlings.

  Fertilizer and water management: Farmers everywhere should fertilize and water according to local soil fertility and climate conditions.

  Prevention of pests and diseases: After the seedlings are unearthed, spray a new high-lipid film on the surface of the plants, which can prevent pathogen infection, improve the ability to resist natural disasters, increase the intensity of photosynthesis, and protect the growth of the seedlings. Insect pests at the seedling stage are mainly aphids and red spiders, which can be controlled with targeted agents such as imidacloprid + 800 times solution of new high-lipid film.

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