How Does The Corn Thresher Work?


  The emergence of corn threshers has improved the deve […]

  The emergence of corn threshers has improved the development of agriculture and increased agricultural productivity, but many people do not know how corn threshers work.

  The fuel supply system of the corn thresher includes two parts: a low-pressure oil path and a high-pressure oil path. When the diesel engine is working, the cylinder sucks in the air. When the compression stroke is near the end, that is, when it is close to the compression top dead center, the diesel oil is injected into the mist from the injector The cylinder, mixed with high temperature and high-pressure gas, is called a combustible mixture. The smaller the oil droplets in the combustible mixture and the more evenly it mixes with the air, the easier it is to burn, and the better the quality of the mixture. The combustible mixture The quality of the formation is mainly determined by the spray quality of the injector, the mass of the vortex when the air enters the cylinder, and the shape of the combustion chamber. Having said so much, I believe that everyone also has a partial understanding of the fuel supply system of the corn thresher. Finally, the engine must be equipped with an air filter to protect the clean air in the cylinder.

  Full-automatic corn thresher is the trend of agricultural development, better-avoiding waste of labor.

  Corn thresher has many advantages such as low price, high threshing efficiency, energy-saving, and environmental protection. However, in the process of use, we must pay attention to the safety of electricity.

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