How To Improve The Efficiency Of The Machine


  The manual corn seeder can complete the corn seeding […]

  The manual corn seeder can complete the corn seeding work at one time, and the operation mode is the same as that of the wheat combine harvester. For each harvest, the corn is transported back and forth to the farmers' means of transportation. The farmers can transport the corn to the drying site for drying. The application prospect of the small corn planter is very broad.

  Although the performance and use effect of the current manual corn seeder has been greatly improved, the manual corn seeder may get stuck in the process of using it. The reason for this phenomenon is mostly because the various parts of the equipment are dry and not running smoothly. To solve this problem, we need to do a good job of lubrication in daily use.

  It is very important to do manual corn seeder lubrication in daily use. It is necessary to add the cutting knife, the conveyor chain, the conveyor chain of the threshing part, the grass pressing plate, and the grass guide rod of the cutting table every 2-3 hours. lubricating oil. When refueling the rotating part, be sure to lock the brake pedal to prevent accidents. Clean the weeds and plaster on the walking part every day. Use a grease gun to add butter to each traveling wheel every 200 hours. The butter must be squeezed into the new Butter that appears (remove the original butter completely), check the wear of each traveling wheel every 1000 hours.

  In addition, when working in windy weather, the manual corn seeder should not drive downwind. To prevent the harvester from not working properly, the air inlet on the windward side of the grain cleaning mechanism should be adjusted smaller, and the air inlet on the leeward side should be adjusted larger. The purpose is to reduce the loss of cleaning the grain and improve the quality of cleaning grain.

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