How To Maintain The Track Of The Planting Machine?


  The long-term operation of the crawler planting machi […]

  The long-term operation of the crawler planting machine will inevitably leave dirt, stones, tree roots, and other debris in the crawler. This debris will increase the traveling resistance, cause the crawler to fall off, and even damage the engine. Hongxiang Machinery will explain to you how to maintain the track of the planting machine.

  When the soil is muddy and highly viscous, it is necessary to frequently wash the adhered soil between the crawlers when using the crawler planting machine. If conditions permit, use a water gun to rinse. When large stones or branches are stuck in the crawler of the planting machine, they need to be cleaned up in time. Otherwise, the crawler will deviate from the driving wheel and cause it to fall off.

  When the crawler of the planting machine falls off, the crawler needs to be completely relaxed for cleaning.

  1. It is necessary to loosen the top wire of the tension wheel first to relax the tension wheel so that the crawler belt at the rear part of the car completely falls off.

  2. Unscrew the fixing screw of the power wheel and remove the power wheel to make the track of the front part of the car completely fall off.

  3. Fully clean track debris. After cleaning, align the power shaft with the power wheel hole to make it completely nested. If necessary, the cavity can be aligned with the shaft by fine-tuning the clutch. Tighten the fixing screws after nesting.

  4. Find the correct location, and just tighten the pulley.

  The above is the maintenance method of planting a machine crawler. If you have any questions, please contact us, we will bring you the most comprehensive answer.

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