How To Prevent The New Corn Thresher From Rusting?


  Machinery and equipment need to be maintained for a l […]

  Machinery and equipment need to be maintained for a long time. The new corn thresher is no exception. The new corn thresher is widely used mainly because of its high performance. Therefore, the maintenance of agricultural machinery directly affects the service life and performance of agricultural machinery. , Now let’s introduce how to prevent the new corn thresher from rusting?

  First of all, most parts of agricultural machinery are made of iron. Such iron parts should be cleaned when not in use, painted with anti-rust paint, and stored in a ventilated and dry place.

  Secondly, the new corn thresher is placed in a dry and ventilated place. When wheeled harvesters and tractors are put in inventory, wooden piers should be used to jack up the front and rear axles of the locomotive to keep the tires off the ground and not bear the load, but maintain an appropriate amount of air pressure.

  Third, when the new corn thresher is parked, if it is not in a free position, the spring will lose its elasticity, causing plastic deformation and scrapping ahead of time. For example, the intake and exhaust valves of the engine should be closed to prevent the spring from being compressed and prevent dust from entering the cylinder.

  We have found that some operators never check or maintain the parts of certain parts. They always think that there will be no problems with them. As long as the parts are not broken, they will continue to use them, and there will be dead spots in the maintenance of agricultural machinery. As a result, once they are used on the farm. Agricultural machinery is often prone to failure when it is critical. For example, farm tools such as corn threshers have dead spots for maintenance. Why does this happen? There are three main reasons.

  One is that some parts are invisible damage, which is difficult to detect with the naked eye. This is the case when the rubber tube peels off. One agricultural vehicle emits black smoke and is unable to work. The inspection is caused by the peeling of the inner layer of the intake pipe. Another wheeled tractor engine has a high water temperature and a power drop. It turns out that the curtain on the inner wall of the radiator hose is falling off and blocking the circulating water channel. . The fabric-filled hose is stronger than the pure hose because it wraps multiple layers of cord inside the hose. In the working process, the thin glue layer is easy to fall off due to the long-term circulated hot water or air flow scouring the inner wall of the cloth-filled rubber pipe, which is like a movable valve, which makes the cross-section of the pipe smaller and obstructs the flow of circulating water or air. The above fault.

  Second, some failures of the automatic corn thresher are caused by the gradual failure of some parts over time. This is the case with the softening of the spring and the formation of scale in the cooling system. The softening of springs, such as the softening of valve springs, speed control springs, delivery valve springs, and clutch springs, will have a serious impact on the normal operation of the locomotive. Many operators think that the scale of the cooling system has little effect on the work of the engine, and the cleaning and maintenance work is more troublesome, so they don't care about it. However, after the formation of scale in the cooling system, due to poor thermal conductivity, it is easy to cause overheating of the engine, resulting in a decrease in power and economy.

  The third is to over-believe in the manufacturing accuracy of the accessories, thus neglecting the inspection before installation. For example, the side clearance and back clearance of the piston ring, if these clearances are too small, it is easy to cause the piston ring to jam or break.

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