How To Reduce The Loss Of Corn Seeding Machines?


  Before use: If you are using the product of the previ […]

  Before use: If you are using the product of the previous year, you need to check the transmission parts of the corn seeding machine gear, check whether the parts can operate normally, apply lubricating oil for maintenance, and check the corresponding spring device of each part, If it is loose and slippery in time if the user is using the product purchased this year, there is no need for these operations, the only assembly is required;

  When in use: Install and use by the manufacturer's technical requirements. The seed tank should not be overloaded. Do not operate vigorously during planting. Do not pull or turn sharply. Clean up the land in advance.

  After use: Thoroughly clean the seeding box and place the corn seeding machine in a ventilated and dry warehouse. If it is stored in the open air, cover the corn seeding machine. To prevent damage to the parts, they can be disassembled and stored.

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