How To Reduce The Loss Of Manual Corn Planter


    How can I reduce the loss of a manual corn planter? […]

    How can I reduce the loss of a manual corn planter? This is a matter of great concern to many farmers, so let's follow us to find out more of it.
    1. Before to use, if you are using the previous year's manual corn planter, you need to check the drive parts of the manual corn planter gears, check whether the parts can be run properly, lubricate the parts for maintenance, and also check the corresponding spring device of each part, if it is loose, it will be slippery.
    2. In use, according to the manufacturer's technical requirements for installation and use, manual corn seeder seed box should not be loaded too full, do not operate vigorously when sowing, do not pull backwards or turn sharply to operate, do a good job in advance to clean up the land debris.
    3. After use, thoroughly clean the manual corn planter fertilizer box and place the manual corn planter in a dry and ventilated storage room.
    A manual corn planter is a great helper for farmer friends during the farm season. The use of manual corn planter can greatly improve agricultural production efficiency and bring convenience to people's production and life. When using a manual corn seeder, we should sift through small kernels of impurities, remove damaged kernels, and use good seeds with a high rate of even germination. When using the coating agent should be dried before using, otherwise, it will paste the roller seed shaft, affecting the accuracy of the next seed.

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