How To Run In A New Seed Planter


  The seed planter is stable, labor-saving, safe, and h […]

  The seed planter is stable, labor-saving, safe, and has a low failure rate. It has been used many times by our farmer brothers in various field management tasks such as trench, weeding, rotary tillage, ridge, and top dressing. The following is an introduction by experts on Hongxiang Agricultural Machinery Company about the correct operation of the seed planter.

  First of all, we have to run-in when we buy it. The advantage of running-in is to use it correctly and extend the life of the machine. Running-in is a gradual process, the operation mode is the low throttle, low speed, low gear, and no overload start. After a few hours, switch to high speed, high gear, and a heavy load for running-in. The purpose is to gradually run-in to remove the uneven surface under good technical conditions and lubrication conditions by slowly increasing the load. Regardless of the machine, it is necessary to run according to the instructions.

  When we use the seed planter, we must pay attention to the operation method to avoid long-term overload work. When working in paddy fields and harder fields, if you find that the machine is emitting black smoke, you should immediately reduce the gear and turn off the fire in time. It is not possible to work with the head tilted for a long time, otherwise, it is easy to cause poor lubrication of the engine.

  Maintenance is also a university question: When the machine is working, it vibrates due to the mutual friction of the parts. The invasion of oil, mud, and water will inevitably cause wear and tear of parts, aging of bearings, and poor connection. As a result, the state of the seed planter decreases, and fuel consumption increases. Most of these situations are caused by poor maintenance.

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