Inspection Work Of Corn Sheller Before Use


  During the operation of the Corn Sheller, regular ins […]

  During the operation of the Corn Sheller, regular inspection should be carried out to make the machine run better without any problems. Better homework. For the new agricultural machinery operators, it is necessary to check from the following aspects.

  1. Selection of Speed

  The speed of the Corn Sheller should not be too fast. It should be used according to the rotating speed specified in the instruction book, and the rotating speed should not be arbitrarily increased. Generally, wheat removal is 28-32 m/s, indicate rice is 24-26 m/s, and japonica rice is 26-30 m/s. If the rotating speed is too high, not only will it not takes off quickly, but also adverse conditions such as serious grain breakage, the shortened service life of the machine and increased unsafe factors will occur. The matching motor or diesel engine shall be installed according to the requirements or the signs of the machine, and the appropriate pulley shall be equipped, taking care not to install in the opposite direction. The rotating pulley of the fan cannot be installed reversely, otherwise, the cleanliness of grains will be affected.

  2. Correct Operation

  During threshing, continuous and uniform feeding is required. If the feeding amount is too large, the drum load will be too large, the rotating speed will be reduced, the threshing rate and productivity will be reduced, the grain entrained by the stems will be increased, the threshing quality will be reduced, and in serious cases, blocking, stopping and machine damage will be caused. The feeding amount is too small, the productivity is low, and sometimes the net removal rate will be affected. The indexes of clean removal, fast removal, less crushing and low energy consumption are mutually restricted. If it is removed well, the crushing rate will increase, the productivity will also decrease and the energy consumption will increase.

  1. The output of Corn Sheller is very high, so attention must be paid to maintenance in the process of use. The bearings must be oiled once a day.

  2, Corn Sheller is fieldwork, every day after work, must clean up the dust before coming off work, especially near the bearing and motor, must not let the dust to bury, lest burn the motor.

  3, Corn Sheller in the process of use, it is strictly prohibited to put an end to bricks, stones mixed in, otherwise, the drum and hoist hopper are likely to be broken.

  The above is the inspection methods, etc. To do a good job of inspection and nip in bud, new agricultural machinery operators must learn, and be able to use them promptly, to learn and use them flexibly.

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