Installation Method Of Chain And Sprocket Of The Planting Machine


  With the economic development, more and more farmers […]

  With the economic development, more and more farmers choose planting machines when planting plants to improve planting efficiency, but the machine will inevitably have problems. How to install the chain and sprockets, I will give you today Briefly introduce the installation method of planting machine chain and sprocket.

  1. In the chain of the planting machine, lubricating oil should enter the gap between the inner and outer chain plates and the two ends of the roller, which can be lubricated with internal combustion engine oil or gear oil. When using a brush or oil can for manual lubrication, the oil should be added to the gap between the inner and outer chain plates of the loose edge of the chain.

  2. Secondly, the user should pay attention to the problem when installing, the chain should be checked before installing the sprocket. Check whether the engagement is too tight or too loose.

  3. When connecting the chain, both of its connecting ends can be pulled to the sprocket, or it can be placed with a tight chain. The deflection of the opening of the circlip should be opposite to the deflection of the chain movement, to avoid falling off when hitting, jumping, or colliding.

  4. If the chain and the sprocket are not properly meshed due to the wear of the chain or sprocket, resulting in "climbing" or "tooth skipping", the sprocket should be changed.

  5. Also, the two sprockets of the planting machine should be coplanar. This requires the two shafts to be parallel to each other, and the two wheels are connected in the same plane to restrain skew and jump. It can be checked with a ruler or string, or it can be checked with a coloring method. Apply the red lead pigment to the tooth surface and the end surface of the gear ring. After meshing and transmission, check whether there is eccentric wear and whether the tooth surface is evenly symmetrical along with the tooth. If there are partial wear and uneven war zones, mediation should be held.

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