Introduction To Maintenance Knowledge Of Corn Planting Machine


  Corn planting machine is a very practical agricultura […]

  Corn planting machine is a very practical agricultural machinery product for farmers. It has made a great contribution to shortening the time of spring plowing and improving the quality and efficiency of planting. The following editor first introduces the maintenance knowledge of the corn planting machine.

  1. When planting seeds, the corn planting machine must be cleaned up simply before and after use every day, so as to avoid problems with the next day's use, especially the duckbills that are in contact with the soil. Because the parts are in contact with the soil for a long time, it is easy to be mixed with debris or blocked from the soil. If it is not cleaned up in time, it may delay planting. It only needs to be cleaned with hard objects.

  2. At the later stage of planting, after completing spring plowing, confirm that the product has completed the task. The product is thoroughly disassembled (disassembled according to the assembly steps) and cleaned up, and all the positions in contact with the soil and seed fertilizer must be cleaned one by one, avoid washing, and can be cleaned with gauze cloth or brush. Store after cleaning, avoid direct sunlight or wet locations.

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