Introduction To Operation Of Vegetable Planter


  The vegetable planting machine adopts mechanical tran […]

  The vegetable planting machine adopts mechanical transplanting, which can ensure the same plant spacing, row spacing and depth of transplanting, thus improving the quality and quality of our crops and greatly improving the yield.

  The adoption of vegetable growing machines can make our farmland tidier, the growth was of crops more planned and more convenient to manage. Vegetable planter is the development trend of the new era, which will help us to improve the cultivation of crops and increase our labor force, thus improving the output of our crops and carrying out the output of crops more scientifically.

  When starting the engine, the operator of the vegetable planting machine should pay attention to putting the main clutch handle and planting to clutch handle in the separated position, cut off the power, pull the starting handle several times before putting the starting rope in the low position, push it inward tightly, and pull it to prevent the hand from being bruised.

  When the vegetable planter is working, the top of the floating plate should be kept clean. To prevent vegetable floppy disks and other sundries from winding around the transmission shaft and the moving parts of the rotating universal joint, thus affecting the work of the transplanter. The hands of the transplanter are not allowed to use their feet to clean up dirt and weeds between the walking ground wheel and the walking transmission box.

  According to the agronomic requirements of the planters in various places, when adjusting the planting distance and the amount of seedlings to be taken, we must turn off the engine, stop working, adjust it, clean up the soil weeds in the seedling gate, and cut off the main clutches when separating the seedling needles.

  Before the vegetable planter leaves the paddy field, carefully check and tighten the bolts on the back of the seedling box. The machine will vibrate to prevent the upper slide from being damaged and unable to run due to the nut falling off. When the transplanting machine is turned around, reduce the accelerator and separate the transplanting clutch in time to prevent damage to the transmission universal joint parts.

  The operator of the vegetable planting machine shall stop the work of taking seedling needles when filling vegetables and arranging vegetables. The operator shall keep away from the seedling door when placing seedlings, so as to prevent the seedling needles from hurting the hands. During the work transfer, the operator shall pay attention to the fact that the seedling door cannot collide when crossing the ridge. When crossing the ditches and waterways, the operator shall lay, wood boards, reduce the throttle and hold the handle slowly.

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