Introduction To The Types Of Manual Corn Seeder Accessories


  The planter has liberated the heavy manual labor of h […]

  The planter has liberated the heavy manual labor of human beings, promoted economic growth, and reduced the working time and energy of the crops. The planter has been loved by farmers and friends. The planter is assembled with many accessories. Planter accessories The types of corn seeder are not important or secondary. They all play an important role in the process of use. Take manual corn seeder as an example. Let me briefly introduce it. Measure the size and cut it. Workers use oxygen shielded welding to weld. The next step is to spray paint. The planter beam is completed.

The next step is the planter fertilizer box. Generally, the planter plant does not produce the planter fertilizer box. Yes, it is allocated to the stamping factory to produce. The production of a planter requires many planter accessories. The planter is a production line to complete the production. The processed beam is placed on the production line and the workers assemble the planter's pierced legs and pallets. , Ground wheel, planter fertilizer box, chain, soil cover plate, chain box, seedbox, ground wheel, bracket, and other planter accessories.

After assembly, the manual corn seeder should be matted, and the ground wheel should be rotated to watch the planter and fertilizer box. , Whether the planter accessories such as chains comply with the working conditions, wait until all planter accessories can work normally after all inspections before leaving the factory because it is not easy for farmers to buy a manual corn seeder, the manufacturer must achieve a 100% pass rate, generally, Under the circumstances, there is no problem, because the planter accessories manufacturers have also done strict inspections before they leave the factory. Now the planter accessories industry is very competitive. Only by achieving the best product quality can we stand in the market.

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