Introduction To The Use Of Vegetable Planter


  But anyone that has lived in the countryside will mor […]

  But anyone that has lived in the countryside will more or less hear about some agricultural tools, vegetable planter is a kind of often used in the countryside, the emergence of vegetable planters frees up the hands that sow seed. There are many types of vegetable planters, the use of the method also has its precautions, I will introduce to you in detail.

  The first are about the type of vegetable planters, according to the different angle into the soil, there are sharp angle and blunt angle openers, which sharp angle openers and blunt angle openers are also divided into different types, sharp angle openers including hoe shovel type, arrow shovel type, etc., blunt angle openers are divided into single disc type and double disc type. Common problems with vegetable planterss should be not, sometimes people find that seeds sow with a seeder are uneven due to the difference in the length of the blocking wheel on the spreader opening. If there is a problem with the fertilizer shaft not moving, it is time to see if the fertilizer is too wet or too much to block the outlet. About the use of vegetable planters, first of all, before sowing the seed should be in another piece of ground to try to see if the machine can operate properly, when sowing, must not backward or sharp turns, if to repair lubrication and other work, must be does after the seeding work.

  China's manufacturing industry is more developed, and vegetable planter are constantly upgraded and modified, and have now been exported to the United States, Canada, France and Southeast Asia and more countries. Vegetable planter brings a lot of convenience to the working people. At the time of purchase because the production lot number and model differences will certainly have more or less the same, if you need to buy vegetable planters or recommended to the knowledgeable acquaintance, and to pay attention to whether they need.

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