Key Points For Proper Use Of Rice Planting Machine


  The rice planting machine has the characteristics of […]

  The rice planting machine has the characteristics of uniform seeding, uniform seeding depth, stable row spacing, good soil covering, seed saving, and high operating efficiency.

  The following points should be mastered when using the rice planting machine correctly:

  (1) After the rice planting machine is connected to the tractor, it must not be tilted, and the front and back of the machine frame should be level during operation. Before the formal planting, planting 10-20 meters in the field, observe the working conditions of the rice planting machine, and formally planting the seed after meeting the agronomic requirements.

  (2) First, sow the seeds horizontally to avoid hardening of the ground, resulting in too shallow seeding depth.

  (3) When planting seeds, always observe the working conditions of the seed metering device, opener, cover device, and transmission mechanism. If there is clogging, sticky mud, the entanglement of grass, pine nuts, etc., it should be eliminated in time.

  (4) When the rice planting machine is working, it is strictly forbidden to reverse or make sharp turns. The lifting or lowering of the rice planting machine should be carried out slowly to avoid damage to the parts.

  (5) During operation, the seeds in the seedbox shall not be less than 1/5 of the volume of the seedbox; when transported or transferred to the plot, the seed box must not contain seeds, let alone other heavy objects.

  (7) The rice planting machine must adjust, repair, lubricate or clean the tangled grass after it stops.

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