Main Points Of Maintenance Of Vegetable Planter


  Everyone must know this vegetable planter and have se […]

  Everyone must know this vegetable planter and have seen it. Many people are using it now. After using it for a long time, some minor problems will be unavoidable. Therefore, we should also pay attention to its maintenance in our daily lives. Let's take a look at it together.

  1. The planter should be placed in a dry and ventilated warehouse. If it is stored in an open place, the wooden seed box must be covered and the two wheels of the planter should be cushioned. The frame should also be padded to prevent deformation. Spare parts, parts, and tools should be transferred to the warehouse for storage. After the planter is stored for a long time, it should be maintained and overhauled, and then planted and used in the next season.

  2. The outside of the gear transmission and seed shaft should be coated with lubricating oil. Each spring should be adjusted to a free state without force.

  3. After each operation, the dirt on the disc, opener, and restraining wheel should be removed in time to check whether the seed metering device, fertilizer device, and each transmission component are flexible, and the screws and nuts are loose. phenomenon.

  4. The metal seed tube should be removed. Keep it indoors without deformation. Loosen the expansion spring of the corkscrew. The rubber seed tube needs to be removed. Fill the test tube with wooden sticks or dry sand or sawdust. Store in a dry and sunless place.

  5. After the operation is completed, the residue in the fertilizer tank should be cleaned up, and the machine should be wiped to remove dirt and grease. After sowing, the seed box must be carefully cleaned to avoid seed mixing failure. After use, the fertilizer tank should be cleaned in time to prevent the machine from rusting; lubricating oil should be added to the parts that need lubrication.

  6. The disc opener must be disassembled, cleaned with diesel, and then reassembled and filled with oil. The inner and outer surfaces of the disc are coated with waste oil and placed in a dry and covered room. The bottle opener can be reinstalled on the planter, but it needs to be matched with the wooden board.

  The above information is about some issues that need to be paid attention to in the daily maintenance of vegetable planters. I must know a lot after reading it. The maintenance must be done well to avoid some minor problems in the future. If you don't understand, please contact the manufacturer in time.

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