Maintenance Makes The Seed Planter Run More Smoothly


  As we all know, the use of machinery will cause wear […]

  As we all know, the use of machinery will cause wear and tear, and the same is true for seed planters. As long as we perform reasonable maintenance on the machine, we can reduce wear and tear and reduce the occurrence of failures. Do these maintenance points well to make your seed planter run more smoothly.

  The first is the maintenance of the engine. The engine is the heart of the machine and a very critical part. After the operation is over, check whether the engine is short of oil in time. If the oil is found to be short, it needs to be filled in time. In summer, the temperature is high and the oil is easy to deteriorate, so check and replace it in time. In addition to the regular replacement of the machine oil, the filter element should also be cleaned and replaced in time. The clogged dust in the air filter should be cleaned up in time.

  The second is the maintenance of attachments. After the seed planter has finished its work, the weeds entangled with the rotary tiller should be cleaned up to ensure that the next operation can proceed smoothly. Place the machine on flat ground and do a good job of lubricating it. If the machine is parked for a long time, clean the machine and cover it to prevent dust.

  The seed planter has high efficiency and multiple functions, which can meet a variety of different operational requirements. The operation room is convenient, and the maintenance is usually carried out. The use of the seed planter is smoother.

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