Maintenance Of Rice Planting Machine


  For the vast number of customers that have bought ric […]

  For the vast number of customers that have bought rice planting machine, they must do a good job of routine maintenance and inspection. Only in this way can they ensure the performance of the equipment and play a greater advantage in daily use.

  1. Daily maintenance:

  1) clean up the soil and other residues accumulated on the seedling clamp, inside and outside the furrow opener, and on the crushing wheel

  2) Oil the center of the repressed axle

  3) Oil the chains, conveyor chains and bearings of the planter

  4) check the tightness of the screw

  2. Maintenance after Tillage:

  1) Scrub and dry the machine, especially to remove residues of fertilizers and chemical products.

  2) After the transplanting operation is finished, a detailed inspection shall be carried out. If damaged parts are found, they shall be replaced in time.

  3) Lubricate, especially the chain and bearing parts, and then store the machine in a dry place and cover it with oilcloth to prevent dust.

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