Manual Corn Seeder Sowing Unevenly How To Adjust


 Manual corn seeder sowing unevenness of the main reaso […]

 Manual corn seeder sowing unevenness of the main reasons are as follows: the spacer adjustment too high cavity phenomenon, when the spoon wheel scoop to the corn seeds, not until the spoon wheel turned to the entrance of the spacer before it has fallen down, resulting in cavities, so there will be uneven corn seedlings, there will be a lack of seedlings, sown corn seedlings will have a section of the lack of seedlings, at one point is to reduce the speed of operation.
Add corn seeds before working in the field, turn the wheel to see if there are corn seeds on the spoon wheel. Two corn seed instructions for the spacer is set too low, allowing the spacer notch to adjust upwards where it is, and downwards if the empty spoon wheel is needed This is the basic adjustment of the seeder, and too much clearance between the spacer and the spoon wheel can also be uneven. Explain as follows: the arrow points to the gap in the bulkhead.
The seeder adjustment method: pull out the seeder partition hand ball to unlock, can move up and down the partition, according to their own needs to adjust, after adjustment, be sure to rotate the ground wheel to watch the seeder spoon wheel operation, the above has been told, only adjust the manual corn seeder can play very good seeding effect.

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