Need To Pay Attention To The Use Of Seeding Machine


  The seeding machine is not only suitable for large-ar […]

  The seeding machine is not only suitable for large-area multi-row farm planting, but also suitable for transplanting in hills and greenhouses. With advanced technology, reliable performance, simple operation and maintenance, high efficiency, low energy consumption, long life, and other significant points, the seeding machine must be used in the ground after the rotary tillage and rake, otherwise, the machine will be damaged.

  1. The tractor must be inspected and maintained by the requirements of the instruction manual before it can be hung and transplanted.

  2. The seeding machine can only be used after careful inspection and maintenance according to the instructions.

  3. The user must first understand the characteristics and safety of the seeding machine before it can operate.

  4. The seeding machine must be checked every four hour to ensure that it can be used under normal technical conditions.

  5. It is forbidden to work when the ground is reversing or turning.

  6. Keep the hinge away from the lifting area when the machine is running.

  7. When inspecting seeding machine parts or repairing, you must stop it to prevent damage to maintenance personnel.

  8. Since the seeding machine is an agricultural tool driven by a tractor, the driver is required to be particularly vigilant and pay attention to parking at any time to prevent accidents.

  9. Do not open or remove the protective cover when the machine is running, otherwise, the chain will entrap the arm and cause personal accidents.

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