New Machine Running-in And Maintenance Of Vegetable Planter


  The vegetable planter is powered by a small diesel en […]

  The vegetable planter is powered by a small diesel engine or gasoline engine and has the characteristics of lightweight, small size, and simple structure. It is widely used in dry land, paddy fields, orchards in plains, mountains, and hills. The new vegetable planter machine must be run-in before use.

  Many operators simply do not understand the concept and meaning of vegetable planter running-in, thinking that running-in both delays time and wastes fuel, which is really "uneconomical". Some of them use the high throttle and high speed without running in, wishing to recover all the investment in one day; some do not understand the concept of running in, thinking that after going home, let it run idle for 2 to 3 hours. In fact, the running-in of the vegetable planter is a gradual process. It must start with the low throttle, low speed, low gear, and low load, and gradually increase to high speed, high gear, and heavy load. Its purpose is to slowly increase the load under good technical conditions and lubrication conditions, and gradually grind away the uneven parts of the mating surface of the parts, laying a good foundation for the normal use and extended life of the vegetable planter. Therefore, the operator must carry out the necessary running-in in strict accordance with the requirements of the manual.

  Because vegetable planters work in a harsh environment, maintenance is particularly important. In the vegetable planter's work, due to the friction and vibration of the parts and the invasion of oil, mud, and water, the parts will inevitably wear out; loose connections, corrosion, and aging. As a result, the technical status of the vegetable planter deteriorates, the power drops, fuel consumption increases, wear speeds up, and failures continue to appear. In order to prevent the occurrence of the above situation, it is necessary to strictly implement the maintenance system of "prevention is more important than cure, and care is more important than repair".

  Maintenance must be carried out in strict accordance with the maintenance cycle and content. Some people reported that his machine was weak, burning oil, difficult to start, disassembly and inspection: the oil in the engine gearbox had become muddy, and it was difficult to lubricate; the radiator vents of the engine were all blocked, and the heat dissipation effect was poor; the cylinder liner and piston were seriously worn. , Lack of motivation. Typical failure caused by insufficient maintenance.

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