Operation Method And Maintenance Technology Of Corn Seeding Machine


  Corn seeding machine is a new type of agricultural ma […]

  Corn seeding machine is a new type of agricultural machinery for farmers who grow corn on a large scale. So how do choose the model of the corn seeding machine? How to operate the corn seeding machine?

  1. The main points of choosing a corn seeding machine

  There are many types of corn seeding machines. In addition to choosing machinery with reliable quality, excellent performance, and guaranteed service, you must also pay attention to some other points when choosing. When buying a corn seeding machine, it is necessary to ensure that "two certificates, one book, and one certificate are complete", that is, the product qualification certificate, use certificate, instruction manual, and product nameplate are complete. In addition, according to the local soil conditions and planting habits, choose flower pots with strong adaptability and local needs when purchasing. After selecting the model and confirming the purchase, check the transmission part of the machine, check the safety warning signs and safety guards.

  2. Operation method of corn seeding machine

  It is necessary to master the correct method of using the machine to give full play to its work efficiency. For preparations before planting, the operator should read the instruction manual and be proficient in operating the machine. Before use, make sure that the seeding machine blade is in good condition, clean the debris on the soil, and apply enough lubricating oil to the parts of the seeding machine and the tractor that needs to be lubricated. And tighten all bolts before operation. Adjust the frame to ensure that after the seeding machine is hooked to the tractor, the frame is kept level before and after the work. According to the requirements of soil and corn varieties, properly adjust the row spacing of openers, the depth of mulching rollers, and the number of seeds to meet the requirements. Then put the determined amount of corn seeds into the planting box. To ensure the quality of sowing, trial sowing is required before the official sowing.

  sowing. After the trial planting is determined to meet the agronomic requirements, the formal planting can be carried out. The route for the seeding machine should be easy to get in and out of, and at the same time, it should be easy to add seeds. Once you start working, you can't stop halfway or drive suddenly and slowly. Keep moving in a straight line at a constant speed to avoid misses or replays. When you need to turn or retreat when you reach the ground, you must first lift the seed box to prevent the opener from being blocked. During operation, keep the number of seeds in the sowing box above 1/5 of the total volume, check the number of seeds in the box, and add seeds in time. When the grower is moving plots, make sure there are no seeds or other heavy objects in the planter box. When sowing, the top of the ground should be selected for horizontal sowing, to avoid hardening of the ground and affect the quality of work. During the operation, it is strictly forbidden to make sharp turns or retreat, otherwise, the machine parts will be easily damaged. During the seeding process, the working conditions should be observed, including the working conditions of the machine transmission parts, openers, seeding boxes and cover plates, and tangles should be removed in time. When removing, you must wait for the seeding machine to stop before continuing.

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