Operation Of Seeding Machine


  After the engine is started, carefully observe the sm […]

  After the engine is started, carefully observe the smoke emitted from the exhaust pipe and listen to the sound of the engine. After confirming that the engine is working normally, select the appropriate gear when the clutch is in the state, and then combine the clutch. The work is working normally, do not force the gear when the clutch is engaged, otherwise, the gear of the transmission box will be broken, causing unnecessary losses. If the clutch disengagement is unclear, it must be adjusted first, and the gear cannot be engaged until the clutch can be disengaged.

  When the clutch handle is gripped, the clutch is in a combined state, and when the clutch handle is not held or released, the clutch is in a disengaged state. Pull, the clutch disengages.

  Gear selection When the clutch is in the disengaged state, turn the shift lever to the required gear and then engage the clutch, and the tillage implement starts to work (the gear speed is slow, the power is high, suitable for plowing hard soil or sticky soil and need to till deep The second gear has high speed and low power, which is suitable for cultivating paddy fields and softer soil, which can improve work efficiency).

  Change the connection height between the resistance rod and the seeding machine to adjust the maximum tillage depth during tillage. During tillage, you can press down or lift the handrail to adjust the tillage depth in time.

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