Performance Characteristics Of Vegetable Planter


  Agricultural cultivation is the inheritance to our co […]

  Agricultural cultivation is the inheritance to our country, the cultivation of vegetables in our country is also relatively common, now pharmaceutical farmers have entered the state of mechanized operation, the use of vegetable planter is also more and more common, its use for farmers to bring convenience has been praised by users, the following together to see its advantages.

  A. The vegetable planter adopts a linkage control device, which drives the feeder to dig holes, fertilize, plant seedlings and seal the seedlings with the transplanter so that there is no shortage of seedlings and no injury to the seedlings, which ensures the quality of transplanting and can make up for the deficiencies in different depths. The artificial planting process is unevenly spaced and less productive.

  2. Vegetable planter with novel structure and wide application

  This device uses a scientific and excellent double-disc eccentric screw drive transplanter system. It has the characteristics of novel structure, stable performance, reasonable coordination, and multiple uses of one machine. In the planting process, according to the equipped traction, it can realize the planting of one row (monopoly), two rows (monopoly), three rows (monopoly) and other multiple rows (monopoly), which can not only realize the efficient planting of large plain farms but also solve the vegetable planting operation of large barns and hills.

  III. Stable performance and flexible manufacturing adjustments

  The machine adopts a sprocket and chain drive with an accurate transmission ratio and accurate seeding distance.

  By adjusting the number of seeders and changing the sprockets, strain spacing of 8-162 cm can be achieved.

  B Adjust the drive wheel and screw to make the planting depth 5-13cm.

  c Increase or decrease to cover thickness by turning the cover wheels adjustment handle. The above features are easy to adjust and operate.

  IV. Stable work and long hours of use

  . The parts used for vegetable cultivation are manufactured strictly according to raw materials and have stable performance.

  b. The machine adopts double and double opening cam control board, double connecting rod shaft, double gear mesh transplanter, double insurance and other mechanisms to ensure working reliability. If one fails, the other still works. When the transplanters encounter hard soils and rocks, the shock-absorbing cushioning device will play a role in avoiding damage to the transplanters, and the transplanters will have a long life.

  V. Reducing labor intensity and labor costs

  For a long time, China's vegetable cultivation has been the original artificial cultivation, not only inefficient, high labor intensity, uneven plant spacing, planting depth, resulting in poor planting quality, 3-5 people can only plant about 3 acres, and with the vegetable planter, production efficiency and economic benefits are very high. Low labor intensity, easy to adjust the depth and row spacing of transplanting, large transplanting adjustment. Quality, the machine can transplant 5000-8000 vegetables per hour. Up to 30 acres per day can be planted (single headcount). If a three-headed transplanter is used, more than 100 acres of rice can be transplanted every day. The cost of transplantation is greatly reduced. Once the crop reaches maturity, it is easier to manage the field, increasing the yield and economic efficiency.

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