Precautions For Buying Wheat Seeding Machine


  Spring is the planting season for all things. Farmers […]

  Spring is the planting season for all things. Farmers also start to buy seeding machines at the agricultural machinery market or take out the previous seeding machines to prepare for planting.

  When choosing a wheat seeding machine, you should pay attention to:

  1. It is best to use a brand-name product so that the quality of the product can be guaranteed and prevent the fake and inferior products from being deceived.

  2. Purchase merchants with a certain sales history and scale to obtain the guarantee of corporate reputation and service capabilities.

  3. Inspect the goods in person with the seller. Check whether the purchased product has the product qualification certificate, instruction manual, "Three Guarantees" and related technical documents; pay particular attention to the validity period of the "Three Guarantees" of the whole machine and the validity period of the "Three Guarantees" of the main components. Check that the seed metering and fertilizer disperser are made of recycled plastic, and the product is not wear-resistant and will be damaged in a short time.

  4. Check in detail the form of the opener of the seeding machine. Suitable openers are made of hard and rigid materials. Carry out a trial run. It is necessary to pay attention to the performance of the machine tool, but also to observe the appearance quality. Ask the seller for the official purchase invoice. Because the invoice is one of the important vouchers for the "Three Guarantees" service.

  After purchasing the machine, the farmer friends must carefully read the instruction manual, and make preparations for the planting and use of the machine by the adjustment and maintenance requirements of the instruction manual.

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