Precautions For Purchasing A Vegetable Planter


  To improve planting efficiency and reduce the physica […]

  To improve planting efficiency and reduce the physical strength and time that growers need to spend, the vegetable planter came into being. The specifications of this product are different, and there are differences between large and small, which can be applied to the planting needs of different areas of planting. In addition to specifications, other standards still have to be used to purchase products.

  One, the method of buying a planter

  1: Seeds that can be sown

  In terms of vegetable seeds alone, there are currently as many as dozens of them, but the size and shape of each seed are different. If the planter cannot adapt to the seeding needs of seeds of different sizes and shapes, this kind of equipment is meaningless. worth buying.

  2: Probability of missing species

  If the planter is running, the seeds are not fully planted, and post-processing is required, which will inevitably waste time and deviate from the meaning of the birth of the vegetable planter. Therefore, when purchasing a planter, make sure that the seed is leaked. Is the probability of this failure high.

  3: Comprehensiveness of sowing methods

  Due to the differences in seed types and the needs of sowers, it may be necessary to sow in different ways, such as on-demand sowing and drill sowing. To keep customers' needs unaffected, the seeding provided by the seeder should also be considered when purchasing equipment. the way.

  Second, the method of purchasing planter accessories

  1: The sowing quantity determines the capacity of the seedbox

  In addition to purchasing a basic vegetable planter, customers should also understand the method of purchasing planter accessories. Because the planting area is different, the number of seedings required each time is also different. As the number of seedings increases, the capacity of the seedbox accessories should also be corresponding. increase.

  2: The number of seeding rows determines the number of seeding rounds

  Planters are usually distinguished by the number of rows. If it is a row planter, only one seeding wheel accessory is needed to operate normally, but as the number of rows increases, the number of seeding wheels should be increased accordingly, keeping the same value as the number of rows.

  Generally speaking, the significance of purchasing the main equipment is much higher than purchasing accessories, but the easiest way to get an excellent planter is to find a reliable manufacturer to purchase the equipment.

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