Precautions For Safe Use Of Vegetable Planter


  Now with the continuous development and progress of s […]

  Now with the continuous development and progress of science and technology, more and more scientific and technological products appear in our daily life. With the emergence of vegetable growing machines, it is convenient to use and transplant to a simple connection. So what safety precautions should we pay attention to when using vegetable growers? Let's take a look at Shandong vegetable growers today.

  1, the vegetable planter must be carefully checked and maintained according to the instructions before use.

  2. The vegetable planter must be checked and maintained according to the requirements of the operating instructions before hanging seedlings for transplanting.

  3, users must first understand the use of Vegetable planter characteristics and safety issues, before the operation.

  4. The transplanter shall be checked every four hour to ensure that it can be used under normal technical conditions.

  5. As the transplanter is equipped with farm tools driven by tractors, drivers are required to be especially vigilant and pay attention to parking at any time to prevent accidents.

  6. Do not open or remove the protective cover when the machine is running, otherwise, the chain will involve the arm and cause a personal accident.

  7, check the transplanter parts or maintenance

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