Precautions For Using Vegetable Planter


  Vegetable planter is mainly composed of feeder, seedl […]

  Vegetable planter is mainly composed of feeder, seedling guide tube, seedling stabilizer, furrow opener, capping wheel, and other working parts. When working, after artificially dividing the seedlings, the seedlings are put into the feeding barrel of the feeder. When the feeding tube rotates above the seedling guide tube, the valve below the feeding tube opens, and the seedling falls into the seedling guide tube under the action of gravity. The seedlings are guided into the seedling ditch opened by the trencher through the inclined seedling guide tube. With the support of the grid-type seedling lifter, the seedlings are in an upright state and then covered between the trencher and the soil covering drum.

  1. When inspecting or repairing vegetable planter parts, it must be performed after shutdown to prevent damage to maintenance personnel.

  2. Before hanging the seedlings, check and maintain the tractor according to the requirements of the operation manual.

  3. The vegetable planter needs to be carefully inspected and maintained by the instructions before use.

  4. Before use, users need to understand the characteristics, uses, and precautions of the vegetable planter.

  5. When the machine is running, do not open or remove the protective cover, otherwise, the chain will roll on the arm and cause a personal accident.

  6. Do not work when reversing or turning.

  7. During the operation, the vegetable planter should be far away from the hinge lifting area.

  8. The vegetable planter needs to be checked every four hours to ensure that it is used under normal technical conditions.

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