Seeding Machine Accessories For Limescale And Oil Removal


During the use of the seeding machine, the accessories […]

During the use of the seeding machine, the accessories will produce scale or oil, etc., not thoroughly removed, will have a negative impact on the use of machinery . However, direct cleaning does not completely remove dirt, so here are a few ways to remove dirt from a planter that can be used for reference.

  How to Remove Scale

  When removing scale from iron cast cylinders. Heat 8-10% hydrochloric acid and 3% wakdin corrosion inhibitor equivalent to the amount of hydrochloric acid and inject at about 50°C-60°C. In water jacket, soak for 2-3 hours and drain. Afterwards can be used for cleaning potassium dichromate aqueous solution; or 5% concentration of caustic soda solution into the water jacket, and residual acid neutralization The solution is then washed repeatedly with water.

  Remove scale from the cooling system. The main component of these parts scale is silicate, so add a 2% to 3% solution of caustic soda water to the cooling system and wait for the locomotive to run. Drain after 1-2 days and wash repeatedly with water until it is removed.

  Oil stain removal methods

  Remove vegetable and mineral oils and greases from the surface of parts. This oil can be removed with alkaline solution by adding a small amount of emulsifier to a solid re-germinating solution, warming it up and cleaning it or using it to remove the oil. Pressure spray, then rinse off any residue from the surface of the part with warm water.

  Remove grease from precision parts. Alkaline solution has a corrosive effect on precision parts such as high-pressure oil pumps, injectors, etc. Therefore, organic solvents should be used for the oil contamination of these parts. Cleaning, which consists mainly of gasoline, kerosene, and alcohol, is removed and then wiped with a clean, soft cloth.

  Remove grease from aluminum parts. Alkaline solutions have a strong corrosive effect on aluminum alloys, while organic solutions are more expensive and unsuitable for large areas, so these components' Grease can be removed with aluminum cleaning fluid. The specific preparation is a solution of sodium silicate or sodium carbonate with a small amount of potassium dichromate, heated to 60℃-70℃ and then used.

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