Seeding Machine Dirt Removal Method


  The dirt is mainly diesel dirt, and its treatment met […]

  The dirt is mainly diesel dirt, and its treatment method can purify the dirt of the seeding machine according to the process. Allow the purchased diesel to settle for more than 96 hours, and then add a filter to the funnel and a layer of silk cloth when refueling.

  When taking the oil from the oil drum, take the filter and wrap it with a layer of silk cloth or typewriter wax paper, and it should be cleaned or replaced regularly; the working environment of the seeding machine is in the field or the open field, often in contact with dust, sand, and water. Easiest to get dirty.

  When cleaning the dirt adsorbed on the filter element, use a pump to inflate, blow from the inside to the outside, and scrub with a brush. Never wipe it with your hands.

  Therefore, it is necessary to scrub frequently to prevent the body from rusting, and paint up if necessary to prevent corrosion; always pay attention to the use of clean lubricating oil that meets the standards of the machine.

  It is necessary to adjust the oil supply time. If the oil supply is too early or too late, the equipment will not be able to perform normal operations and affect the work process;

  During operations, it is necessary to check whether there is any looseness between the various parts of the machine and equipment, and timely reinforcement should be carried out to avoid some unnecessary accidents;

  Tire pressure is also more important. If the inflation is too full, it may cause a puncture, but if the tire pressure is insufficient, it will affect normal driving. To avoid this situation, try to put the seeding machine in a cool place and avoid sun exposure.

  After the harvesting task is completed, the remaining stains on the equipment need to be thoroughly cleaned, to ensure the cleanliness of the equipment, prevent rust, and facilitate the next use.

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