Selling Corn Thresher Needs Good Service


  Selling corn thresher requires good service. Service […]

  Selling corn thresher requires good service. Service has always been a familiar term of everyone, and most people don’t understand this truth. Some even think that I just sell equipment and do everything that I should do. Where there are so many services, and some even more. As long as I can sell it and close so many things, our era is not an era of asymmetric information on sales and purchases. As long as you want to get any information, as long as you have a computer or watch a TV, you know everything, so service is the most important thing. It is not that we have to bend our knees, but that we sell equipment, just like being friends. If there are any problems with friends, of course, we must help, so we mainly improve us from three aspects. Services:

  The first level: to ensure customer satisfaction. To achieve this goal, a series of measures have been taken in terms of terminal customer training, service timeliness, spare parts supply timeliness, information support, etc. to protect the rights and interests of customers, so that customers can enjoy high-quality after-sales service and achieve customer satisfaction.

  The second level: family service. The off-peak season of the agricultural machinery industry is obvious. In the busy farming season, we will provide our customers with a full range of high-quality door-to-door services by our service commitments. In the farming slack season, we organize large-scale family visits every year, and provide customers with free maintenance of vehicles and door-to-door lectures on vehicle maintenance The vehicle is always in working condition; at the same time, the advanced information system in the industry is used to provide customers with information support, holiday greetings and other "3 5 1" information services in the form of text messages and telephone return visits.

  The third level: Value service. Provide customers with "nanny service" and "housekeeping service", tailor-made service butlers for customers, manage the entire life cycle of customer products, and provide personal and considerate after-sales service.

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