Small Details Of Seed Planter Maintenance


  It is very important to maintain the seed planter cor […]

  It is very important to maintain the seed planter correctly. There are some small details of the maintenance of the seed planter that need our attentions. Next, we will give you a specific introduction.

  1, before each operation to lubrication point refueling

  2. Before the operation, check whether the connecting screws of all part are tightened, whether the driving parts rotate flexibly, whether there is no abnormal sound, and whether the tension in the driving tape is appropriate.

  3, select confidential work indoors, the machine parking place should be flat, solid, parking position should consider dust removal is convenient.

  4. When changing varieties in the operation process, the remaining seeds in the machine must be removed, and the machine shall continue to operate for 5 ~ 10 minutes. At the same time, the front and rear airs volume adjusting handles shall be switched on and off several times to eliminate the remaining seeds and impurities deposited in the front, middle and rear chambers.

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