Store The Seeding Machine Daily In A Ventilated And Dry Place


  The seeding machine can help people plant better seed […]

  The seeding machine can help people plant better seeds, greatly improving people's work efficiency. To let her work better, how should it be maintained daily? Now let's follow Taizhou Luqiao Hongxiang Agricultural Machinery Co., Ltd. to understand how to do maintenance works on this equipment.

  Place the sealing machine in a ventilated and dry place, usually at room temperature around 25 degrees. Every two days of operation, 6# oil should be added to each moving part, mainly in gears, bearings and gearboxes. Dust should be removed regularly and the whole machine should be cleaned. Unplug the power supply when not in use and hide it with a hood. If the operation time is too long, the cooling fan should be turned on before shutting down, and then shut down after the temperature is reduced. Since the shutdown is performed without cooling, the high temperature zone is easily damaged. The high temperature zone should be regularly dedusted to ensure the sealing quality. Severe wear parts should be replaced in time to extend the life of the whole machine.

  The maintenance method of the seeding machine is something we need to master, then there are many points that we need to understand in the process of using the seeding machine. Through re-interpreted brand positioning, targeted brand communication methods and differentiated products Strategy, the seeding machine industry in the period of steady development has ushered in a golden period of rebranding.

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