Structural Characteristics Of Vegetable Planter


  Vegetable planter are widely used in the agricultural […]

  Vegetable planter are widely used in the agricultural market, but farmers do not understand it. Only after we understand its structure can we use it correctly. The feeding mechanism of the planter is mainly a rotary type, which can improve the efficiency of the planter. One of the drawbacks of this feeder is that when the operator operates it, the transplantation will be missing when the speed is too fast. You need to master the speed of transplantation to avoid this from happening.

  vegetable planter's seedling raising support device mainly adopts a net format, which can improve the stability of the seedlings during the planting process and make the seedlings more upright. The grille mainly exerts upward force on the seedlings, making the seedlings stand upright at the same time, preventing the seedlings from being buried by the soil, and completing the supporting role for the seedlings.

  In order to send seedlings to the bottom of the nursery ditch, seedling guide tubes are mainly used. The metal mesh belt uses the seedling guide tube to prevent damage to the seedlings. Make the seedlings reach the seedling field smoothly and make the seedlings grow normally. The planting machine is suitable for transplanting a variety of crops, can improve the transplanting efficiency, and the plant survival is better, and the yield is relatively good.

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